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Hello there! i'm Mery and i just join the Cyberloid's community.

I'm Tony's older sister. Please to meet you! Be sure to visit me and my brother on Voice section and download our's Voicebanks. Lets sing somethink for you! oh look at the hour, its shopping time!



Hey Guys! Tony's here. Welcome to Cyberloids new site. But i think our Manager already say that.

Be sure you look around the video section  for news about UTAU and some interesting think.

Also visit the voice section in the above menu and download my Brothers and Sisters Voicebanks, and mine of course. Well thats all for now. Keep it on guys and see ya later!




Hello there. CybeBerry's Manager is here. Welcome to the new Cyberloids web site. Please look around the voice and video secctions and keep in contact for news about UTAU and Cyberloids.




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